Vehicle Care

Here are some simple things that you can do to keep your Mazda in perfect operating condition at all times. It requires no more than just a regular check through on important functions such as tyre pressures, engine oil level, and lights.

Tyre pressures
It is very important to maintain the correct tyre pressure for your Mazda at all times. It is recommended to have a regular pressure check for all tyres including the spare tyre at least once a month and before long journeys to keep them in perfect working condition. Overall, it helps you to obviously extend the life cycle of the tyres, improve vehicle’s safety, and improve fuel efficiency. This will also benefit you and your Mazda as well as the environment.
Checking engine oil
One thing to ensure when checking the oil level is to have the car on ground level to maximize accurate reading possible. It is best to have the engine warm prior to checking, however please wait for a few minutes after driving. Remove the dipstick and wipe clean using a good fabric material to avoid damage to the stick. Next, reinsert and remove fully after three seconds to check the oil level.
Mazda highly recommends using Mazda Genuine Oil and having the oil changed only at Mazda authorized dealers to ensure the very best to your Mazda.
Checking engine coolant
Always check your engine coolant only when the engine is cold. Having your engine coolant routinely checked every month ensures maximum protection against corrosion. Always use Mazda recommended engine coolant and consult your nearest authorized Mazda dealers if there is a possible leak to your coolant which is indicated by a loss in fluid level.
Checking brake fluid
The checking of brake fluid must only be performed in dry condition and situation. Do not check it under raining condition.  Always consult your owner’s manual to meet Mazda’s strict specifications.
Checking windscreen washer fluid
Your washer fluid needs to be regularly maintained to ensure clean windscreen which helps to promote safety and to aide clearest possible view while driving. Use only Mazda’s recommended washer fluid and please do not use household detergent or soaps as these could potentially damage your windscreen.
Checking lights
To ensure the best Zoom-Zoom driving experience, always ensure that your Mazda’s lights are always bright and functioning best. They also should be cleaned regularly to maintain the brightness level. Check your headlights, indicator lights, reverse lights, parking lights, and braking lights. Have someone to help you or check it by looking at a reflective mirror.
Overall, please consult your owner’s manual for more detailed information regarding specific locations and recommendations on the aforementioned tips. Alternatively, please visit your nearest authorized Mazda dealers for impartial advice and knowledge only for your Mazda. We will be more than pleased in welcoming you!


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